Happy Birthday Linds!

fun fun fun fun night on friday. we went to Laide to celebrate Lindsey's bday! i stole these pics from leiko . i thank caitlin for introducing us to this bar. such a good vibe in there. good music, good crowd, really nice bartenders and 50's porn playing the entire time you're there!

haha matt looks so angry in this pic

then we headed back to our place, where kris king , kev, carm, sarah and katie came over for some serious jamming. well kev, sarah and katie kinda had a nap but the rest of us stayed up with the help of some bongos,maracas, 30lb weights, ankle weights, red charcoal pizza and a belt. classic.


kay zee said...

Terrrrific outfit babe

raymi lauren said...


highwaisted said...

awwww thanks guys! last minute outfits are always the best shit ever!