well friends, i think this is the end of the comp, unless nicole gets her shit together and sends me something before the end of the day.

here is jogee's 2nd submission. very psychedelic, i dig. here's a note from him: "just so you know, everything in the pic was created from scratch. No picture or shapes were downloaded. I created everything myself in illustrator."

amazing! Eflo comes through with 2 colour options. love the background of this one. and the font is pretty sick too!

I'll set up the poll voting tonight! woo! i cant wait to see who the winner is!


Chlo said...

ooh this is fun!

Chlo said...
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Sophie said...

I think you should replace the ewok (or however you spell it) in Eflos with Jim bob's and you have a wicked mix!

Chlo said...

i retracted my comment. I decided actually I am on board with the font. I am taking my job as a voter very seriously. rock the vote