due date extended

because of the overwhelming response from my dear readers, i am extending the banner competition until Monday ish. Primarily because the following people have shared interest in making one and i am now going to guilt them into actually doing it... by writing this post obviously.

1. Jim Bob
2. Nicole Tarasick
3. Eflo
4. Courtney - im not 100% sure you said you wanted to do one, but im telling you to. you can put your puppies in it if you want to. xo

ok im off to the spa today. i am getting my annual exfoliation body wrap to prepare my youthful skin for the summer. weeeeeeeeeeeeee!


E Flo said...

So I almost forgot watermelon, so I just made the background part watermelon....here it is, it's 2 colors since I could not decide:


That was fun :)

Nicole said...

crap. i have to check this more often. sorry ali.