my brother suggested we have a little competition to create a new banner for my bloggy bloggertons. im opening this up to all of my big time fans. please use the following criteria - banner must include:
flowers and neat patterns and an electric guitar and hair band hair and some cleavage and a snake and maybe a little lego star wars guy, like the ewok guy and watermelon and whatever else you think would be radical.

you can email me the final banner to highwaisted@gmail.com

Let's say you have till Sunday, then Monday I'll post the ones that have been entered (haha probably just my brother and jogee) and then you guys can vote and we'll see who wins! what do you win? just some big time recognition from this ever so popular blog until i get bored of it and take it down.



raymi lauren said...

i have no banner skills :(

raymi lauren said...

hey you don't moderate anymore!

Courtney said...

hey! what's the point of creating a banner for you if you are going to choose the design and everthing that needs to be in it. jeez.

highwaisted said...

courtney you should make one for me!

raymi lauren said...
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