a story about cut copy.

once upon a time, my brother's friend Chris introduced us to cut copy. I don't remember when but it was definitely about 2 years ago. but i actually don't know at all. anyways...then years later, but more like 6 months or so ago, kris king brought them back into my life again. I've got to say hands down they are the best band/group/dj's to make you dance especially that lights & music song and hearts on fire song. Those samples in hearts on fire are so reminiscent of 1996 that i cant get enough. anyways, when i saw them listed on the shows coming up on rotatethis, i was like for sure im going to that show. but then i never bought tickets and then eventually i forgot about it, primarily because it's at circa and if there's one venue ive been to in my life that i absolutely detest, it has got to be circa. thats probably the main reason why i didnt immediately buy those tickets in the beginning. so long story short, they are playing at circa tonight and im not going. i probably could have got tickets last minute even though it was sold out... but i didnt. and i think when we were leaving that RVCA party at strangelove last night they were just on their way in. i probably could have taken that opportunity to say " you guys chose the worst venue to play tomorrow night, you should have chosen a much smaller club." but i guess that means there making it. so maybe i should be happy for them.

so im thinking tonight, in my carpeted bathroom i may have to get a little bit of my own dance party happening. i might even wear a neon outfit.

this post was incredibly pointless.

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raymi lauren said...

i feel the same way for the el mo
and circa, respectively.