oh i am just loving this!

ah nice my guilt trip is working! jim bob and beans submitted this gem this afternoon. i think we may have a winner here. this thing is god damn ridiculously funny and amazing.

oh and here is my brother's again in better format...

aw and jogee my main squeeze, takes it in a completely different direction. click on this to enlarge, actually you should have been clicking to enlarge on all of them, but this one is very detailed, includes all the elements and was undoubtedly made with 100% pure love. :) he claims he has a back up at his work for me to post tomorrow.. woo! another 2 for 1 deal!

ooo aren't you guys excited to vote???!!! cause you know you're the ones that are making the decision on this right? i expect some intense conversation in my comments starting right about now... you know discuss what you feel are the best elements, and creative attributes... etc etc.


Duke of Spook said...

They all have their strengths. If you could somehow combine Wicket playing a funny backward guitar in number one, with the naked chick from 2 and the outside the box stylings of 3 it'd be the ultimate. But yeah, good job all you guys

raymi lauren said...

i would not mind looking at jim bob/beans every time i come here