me me me me me me

i only harassed beans for these pics all weekend. and then upon receiving them, i said "we need to get better cameras, you'd think with us all living together one of us would have a good camera". meh i still like them. this was a magical night for me. hilarity even came. she completely deleted herself from the internet. otherwise i would link her. however, she does have a huge obsession with twitter these days. it is very invigorating. how long do you think it will take until your work blocks that too my love?


qatalust said...

ah, we're cute.
i love that misfits shirt - apparently it was my brother's exgfs... i totally stole it out of the laundry room when no one claimed it for 2 weeks.
how wrong is that?

ps. i'm giving it a good month till twitter's blocked. gotta get the tweets in while i can.

E Flo said...

I'm diggin that hat.