merch girls

there's gotta be a website for this kinda thing. ya know. merch girls, just doin their thing? I'd check it everyday. I think I'm gonna see if the domain is taken. shit. this is gonna be unreal!


knifey said...

aaagh man i did merch once and it was balls! The dj marginally ripped me off and his manager was a raging prick.

I feel like it'd be rude to call them out here, but I went in expecting a lot more friendliness and it was eehh.

kay zee said...

nicce rack!

Kwil said...

ahahaha. the merch girls have to keep themselves entertained. there should totally be a website documenting this.

highwaisted said...

knifey. you only did it once? you need to get back on the horse and give it another go. you might get a free hoodie out of it!

kwil - your encouragement is appreciated. i might need to ask you to pose for one of those 'merch' photos. pick a band, we'll go to the show and ask if you can stand behind their table.