T Giving

Hilarity and P Dizzle did me a solid and had me over for a bit of the weekend while Jogee booked it to Philly for his Magic tournament. I suck at being home alone. especially in this house. there are far too many nooks and crannies where homeless people/monsters could be hiding/living. I also succumbed to the H1N1, so this is going to be cut short due to my nose dripping all over the keyboard and the flu sweats/chills im experiencing right now. I broke out the B&W's this weekend. Check baby check baby one two three four. Check baby check baby one two three. Check baby check baby one two. Check baby check baby one. sorry i got a little carried away with that. rump shaker. so good.

When we went to Paul's family dinner, he told them that he couldn't decide which gf to bring so he brought both of us.

Polygamy - so underrated.

Hilary was bbming me about this band a few nights before.

sandman viper command. myspace them. im too lazy to link. i am definitely feeling their vibe. talented young dudes. i was sold when hilary said they reminded her of a bunch of kris king's. (This is a compliment Kris, trust).

after the indian buffet we were treated to by Gavin...

(ohmyyygaaawwwwd sooo good) we all piled in this sweet ride to head to artbar.

camera timer. basically my back up when jogee isn't there to take pics that include me in them.

ok my sweats/chills have turned into a headache and sore throat and watery eyes now. catch ya on the flipside!


hilary said...

Thanks for coming :)

kay zee said...

aw i love the art bar.

C dawg was ILLIN on Sunday, also

raymi lauren said...

all fine deals, fine deals indeed.

you had me at curry.