fashion week what's up!?

i am sipping on an ice cold silver bullet right now, knocked off a good 600 calories at the good ol gym and now I'm planning out my fashion week party sched. First up:


Here's the lowdown.

Carte Blanche has selected influential members of the young Toronto fashion and art communities to present the S/S 2010 collection from their internationally acclaimed in-house line Pink Cobra.

Images featuring pieces from the collection will be presented in large format print at SHADOWPLAY, an in-store event/opening that coincides with Toronto’s LG Fashion Week.

Participants are:

Karen Roze & Shan Sarwar
Justin Borbely & Richard Autio
Miguel Jacob & Dwayne Kennedy
Zach Hertzman & Michael Mercanti
Kristie Muller
Hannah Sider & Sarah Blais
Kavin Wong
Lauren Burns-Coady
Corey Goodyear & Brian Richards
Carly Bangs

Toronto Bands
will be performing music inspired by the collection!!!

LBC & BALLER play mp3s woooo yeah

Come join us for the unveiling and get down on some Belvedere Vodka, RedBull, some Amsterdam Beer, some wine, some schnapps... whatever.

OH! and CARTE BLANCHE will be screening a film shot for Pink Cobra By Carly Bangs featuring the collection's muse Darling Nikki You don't want to miss that!!

PLUS you can purchase an amazing tote bag custom designed by Corey Corey (teenagecrimewave.com)!!

AND you can take the works home with you in a zine designed specifically for this event and available exclusively at this party.

decent yeah? I hope i don't drink too much and barf my brains out at work the next day.

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