impromptu schwinn hang

it's been tough trying to coordinate 5 minutes with this girl.

She's always going away or working or moving or something, but planets were aligned the other night and we warmed some seats at the bar in Ted's Collision for 2 1/2 pints and a couple glasses of wine. The mix tape they had playing was one of the weirdest mixes of music I've ever heard. metal and classic rock and hip hop and swing and 3 other genre's of music i didn't even know. Apparently i still got it, cause the barback stopped me as we were heading to the back for a cigaretta and said "Excuse me, I've been curious about your name all night long". I have to admit that's the first time I've heard that one, so I give him credit for that. but come on. honestly? He should have just bought us drinks. That would have guaranteed him at least 5 - 10 mins of conversation. not with me duh, im practically married, but probably with any other chick. i don't know? what would you guys tolerate?

i was going to use that 'hand gun' pic as my profile pic on FB, but i wasn't sure if my family and co workers would think it was too hardcore. am i getting soft? MOM! what do you think? is it too hardcore?


erin said...

lets get married. what is wrong with my hair?

kay zee said...

was the barkeep good looking?

highwaisted said...

nothing is wrong with your hair.

the barkeep was meh ok. he had supes long hair and was wearing a lot of denim. nice guy though

raymi lauren said...

they play the music too loud at ted's one time barguy was a total dick about it we asked for him to turn it down it was just us in there so he says ok then turns it up. pre-menstrual me is gettin' quite steamed right now thinking about it. 'spect for the pick-up girl.

Moonlight for Violet said...

There are way hotter pictures of you than this cute little gun pose. I think you can do better