we have way too many of those earth friendly shopping bags

i like just spaghetti noodles lately. a rigatoni and penne are usually way more awes, but the spaghett's are really where it's at.

survivors on. im watching it. jogee and i made a pact to start watching more series of shows on tv in hopes that it will keep us inside at night more often. we're also hoping it makes our winter more entertaining. guess who is playing cards right now instead of staying in to watch survivor. but he got sponsored for that magic tournament in philly so i guess things are happening.

canned vegetables are totally underrated. specifically canned tomatoes and canned mushrooms. throw that shit in a frying pan, cut up some garlic, toss in some basil. there you have a fine sauce. takes 2 minutes! not a lieing 2 minutes, a real 2 minutes. unless you are stoned or drunk then it might take a little longer.

im going to KW next weekend. i will likely pee in public, try to steal a dog, have an anxiety attack, get really high, learn something about my bestie i didn't know before, talk shit about people, get really high (that deserves to be written twice) and end up hating everything on my ipod after listening to it there and back on the greyhound.

i hate how easy people make yoga and pilates look. THAT SHIT IS HARD.

nuit blanche is in 2 days. the anticipation is unbearable. im serious.

i won 2nd place for public speaking in grade 8 in Peel. thats like an area within a city. there were like 10 schools involved. i am a big deal. and a great public speaker. ask my mom. you can also talk to my mom about how pretty i am, how smart i am, how successful i am, and how cool i am.

when you're reading blogs, do you like more copy or more visuals? personally i like more visuals, so if i got to this page and i saw how much writing this had, i'd probably read the first paragraph and then move on. unless it was way funny, then i'd probably stay for a little while.

the roofer just left. i started writing this post about an hour ago. our entire bathroom ceiling was soaked at 4am on monday morning along with the vanity and the carpets (yeah we still have carpets, IM WORKING ON IT)and the walls. basically it was like a horror movie where blood comes through the walls except it was rain. anyways, looks like we found the problem, shingles are all cracked and spread apart. BRUTES. who wants to make bets on how long it takes our landlord to take care of it?

last night i cleaned out my closet and drawers of summer wears, went to the basement, resurrected what can still pass as decent, and rebuilt my closet full of long sleeves and sweaters and layers of coziness. im ready. but not really. i would be more ready if someone gave me 5 grand.


beans said...

you look really pretty in that picture :) translation: i am hot for your bod

highwaisted said...

more like i look like a huge loser emo kid! i should get jogee to photoshop a tear on my cheek.

Anonymous said...

it needs a knitted scarf and a cold fall landscape

- a.dam

highwaisted said...

and a screamo poster in the background

raymi lauren said...

magic sponsored WHAT

ok i have to start paying way more attention to shit

highwaisted said...

HUH? raym's im confused by your comment?

raymi lauren said...

you said jogee was sponsored to play in a magic tourney?