spreading the hype.

i usually ask people what's in their bookmarks, or what sites they visit on the regs to get a better idea as to what they are truly like. So far it has been a pretty accurate validation of what the person is generally into. However, whenever i look at my bookmarks it is mostly comprised of things that basically counteract what i just said. i didn't want to use the word counteract, there's another word, what is it? i cant think of it right now. anyways... i have 2 versions of bookmarks. ones that are on my work computer and ones that are on this computer. more often then not the site im looking for that i think is in my bookmarks at home is always in my bookmarks at work. anyways, i thought i would share some of those bookmarks with you. maybe one of these sites will end up in your bookmarks and then we can have inside jokes to laugh about next time we see each other cause you'll bring up something from a site that you know i totes read. get it? cool!

ted : duh. any stoner would have this.

limitedhype : cause im cool like that.

street etiquette : classy duds.

bellewoods : a friend of a friends band that i dig but have never seen live.

not an every day but an occasional visit:
the sartorialist

chicks that i dig and don't know and found their blogs through some kind of link to link to link to linking :
squandering potential

sucks i did this from home. the links on my work computer are way weirder and random.

oh and i also omit what i said above. these links are totally representative of me. i don't know what i was talking about.

oh and i also realized that half of these links are already on my friggin linky link line up on the right over there. sorry! totes probs wasted your time a bit there.

I am going to tag hayley and krista and hilary to do this. just do it.