i want to sleep in a real pile

We usually try to hit up a movie sneak-in (hyphen necessary?) every once and awhile. ya know, pay for one, sneak into two kinda deal. Last night we went to the Varsity (I much prefer AMC over Cineplex just fyi. i have like 400 points on my AMC card. That Scene card is bullshit. i havent gotten one free thing yet!) and got down with 'Where the Wild Things Are', then 'Coco Chanel' for 45 mins, then 'Bright Star'. Do I need to post the trailers? The wtwta trailer is basically blanketed over the entire internet right now, so I'm pretty positive you've already seen it. So here's Coco Chanel and Bright Star:

commence trashing:

wtwta: meh. aside from wanting to sleep in a 'real pile' everyday for the rest of my life from now on i was NOT in love with this movie. it was scary and depressing and sad and boring. Of course the puppets were incredible and i liked the cinematography and the acting was decent (should have had more mark ruffalo), but all in all i wasn't feeling it. Weird thing is i would still totally recommend you to see it. It's different and somewhat ground breaking, so worth having under your watched movies column... but DO NOT take your kids to see it. They'll have nightmares for sheezy.

coco chanel: we only really saw 30 mins of this one. but from the 30 mins i saw i was not moved to watch the whole thing. I love that Audrey Tautou though. She's so so adorable. She needs to do some nakes pics though in some classy mag. I would buy it. i'll probably end up ordering this on ROD whenever it comes out and i am home eating chocolate cake and drinking beers with Hayley. oooo good idea me!

Bright Star: Biggest upset of them all. We tried to see this at the film fest but it sold out almost immediately. Crazy good reviews, blahblah supposed to be the best romance story of the year even! It was brutal. soooooo boring. sooooo anti climactic. i didnt even shed one tear. so skip this one. don't even rent it. i even offered to leave 3 times through the movie. Jogee was losing his mind!

the end.


Duke of Spook said...

ah man, 0 for 3. How many hours were you at the theatre for?

steph said...

hahahaa alicia
whats your favourite movie? top 5, lay it on me.

beans said...

YES! best idea ever! it has to be better than that stupid piece of british shit we watched a while back. totes disappointing.

can we have a beer date after body jam tonight?!

highwaisted said...

duke: 5 hours! give or take 30 mins.

Steph: I think this info is on my fb page. your stalking technique is crap. but i will give it up regardless:

All time:
1. Wayne's World
2. Gardenstate
3. The Notebook
4. Fight Club
5. Dazed and Confused or Harold and Kumar or half baked - all equally fucking hilarious.

oh and the illusionist and that other magician movie i wrote a huge post about. fuck what was it called? christian bale is in it. and so is david friggin bowie!

oh and dirty dancing and princess bride and labrynth duh!

1. UP
2. Perfume
3. More then a game - Lebron documentary.

i could go on forever. I LOVE MOVIES!

yes beans. beer date. it is soooo happening.

kay zee said...

beer date me!