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what a douchey morning. lost my toque too. that's 2 toques gone now (lost the first one at the end of last winter) and it's not even cold enough to wear one yet. at least it's friday and ahead of me is a long weekend. gobble. gobble.

My friend Noah took me to dragonette . last night. it was an early show at the mod club. I applaud whoever booked that show and made it early. i was home by 10:30 and we even stayed for the encore. (Fully f'ed up the stay in on a thursday and watch survivor with jogee night again. this time my fault) we're tied. The lead singer of Dragonette is a dream woman. she has that whole androgynous look going on which i highly dig so it was a win win situation. I took a bunch of pics, but i forgot the cord uploader thing at home, so you will have to wait until later. I hadn't been to a show of that size lately. I miss those shows. the crowd was way weird though. like 55 year olds with salt and pepper hair and cool glasses and then big time nerdbombers that obviously spend a lot of time in their basement playing WOW and 14 year olds making out, a hipster or 2, a couple arty broads that are obviously channeling the dragonette lead singer look vibe and me and Noah.

I think we're closing up shop by 1 today. im going to buy doritos and ice cream and as many majorly cheese romantic movies i can find and get into it. what favour ice cream goes best with doritos?

no turkey up in this hisouse, my whole fam has hightailed it for the weekend. BC and NYC and Whitby and Philly. so I'm making my friend Hilary and her bf Paul entertain me all weekend in KW. I'm bringing the laptop so keep in touch dudes. Usually when i leave the city i get way anxious that i'm out of my zone so you should probably send me an email or something telling me that shit is the exact same and that im not missing anything epic. deal?

I would sell my body for these clothes. guilty brotherhood .

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Duke of Spook said...

The same thing happens to me when I leave the city. I just check thestar.com a lot and make sure that I'm not missing anything and if I am at least i'm informed and can be like "I wasn't there but I'm familiar with the issue".

"Knowledge is power"
- Mortal Kombat