music less

my ipod officially bit it a couple weeks ago. right after i got all that sweet music from Chris Shepherd (he's represented by the Bau-xi gallery now). brutes (about the ipod, not the gallery). So my walk to and from work (subway ride now due to the house sitting - sidenote: THE SUBWAY IS DISGUSTING) is sucking. large. I have a Samsung T10 chilling somewhere in the house that i got when i was way into selling my blog posts for free shit, but it's not compatible with itunes (major buzz kill) so I'm incredibly hesitant to try and upload tunes to it. Have any of you ever had an ipod get all cacked up and did you get it fixed and was it worth it? I work right beside China town (kabillions of ipod fixing shops there) so i don't know why i just don't bring the piece of shit with me to work and get it assessed. because i want a new one? probably. but then how will i pay for my trip to BC and Jamaica in the coming months? I won't. see the pickle im in!? friggin technology. so addictive.

this day is bullshit. either rain or not rain. drizzle. it's the worst. you're getting wet no matter what.

urban outfitters is having a mega sale right now - 50% off all womens already sale priced stuff. not gonna lie, i dropped a fiddy in there yesterday (everything was $5!). can't wait to see how many other people will have the same clothes as me in the coming weeks. unrelated but related : hipsters these days are wearing some of the most wack shit ever. Just the other day, actually pretty much every day, we saw these dudes that were a mix of george michael, elton john, lyle lovett, MC Hammer and madonna circa 1987. sounds like it could be cool, but it was just bad. all around horrible bad tranny mess. i wonder what they say to themselves when they take that last look in the mirror before they leave the house? i think the key is to take one epic piece from the aforementioned celebs and meld it with modern day. Apparently this is quite the feat for most. not to say im a visionary but come on people.

posse out.


beans said...

i have an assload of tunes on my windows media player yo! hok that sheeze up! oh yeah... after you find it in this barnyard of a house of ours

beans said...

hook even

hilary said...

get a 8G SD card and put it in your blackberry... then drag all your good itunes music into the folder on your G drive.

done and done.
come back to kw and i will help you.

hahaha. what a sellout.

raymi lauren said...

tricked out disneyland hipster style forevs! NOT!