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Hi friends!

I've been searching all over the netizzle in hopes of seeing pics of the things i missed on saturday night but so far i got nothin! brutes! If you guys know of anyone that posted the scene at OCAD or liberty village can you send the linkage?

we started off up in our piece with about 20 peeps, a little james and hayley, jogee and alicia mix and mingle. I am happy to report everyone got along just fabulously. prepped ourselves for the 5 hour walk ahead of us - cracked open the glow necklaces and the candy necklaces, packed the sparklers and left the ponchos at home cause it didn't rain!!! it was a totes gorgeous night actually. perfect in fact. not too hot, not too cold. hoodie weather.

James = Costume fails:

don't worry, someone talked him out of wearing everything seen above.

i should have bought more glow stuff. this looks pretty weak.

hit the streets around 11, with all 20 peeps in tow. it would have been way smart if we invested in a rope cause shit was chaotic out there!

managed to keep the crew together for i'm not even lying 2.5 hours.

even picked up some extra people as we flowed through the streets!

Here's what we managed to hit up (don't get all judgmental if i name the location/art incorrectly (i was baked):

fun fair on Bay street

vodka pool - jogee skipped a couple quarters on this thing - blew my mind, looked awes!

live monopoly with real money played by canadian celebrities. (i have no idea who any of these people are)

went to the music gallery to see the giant piano thing but the line was ridic.

stopped for a sub. this place has the best BLT sub ever. you should get one. Drew got a veggie one. i had 2 bites of it. it tasted like heaven. and it was veggie!

saw the 4 letter text thang at nathan phillips

meh. we didnt get close enough to see the people act it out or whatever i think i read, so that may have made it extra neat but we continued on... didn't really see much in trinity bellwoods. i think there was like 1 thing happening there and we were so tired by that point that we kinda swerved off and headed back home so we could catch the cage fighting in the bus terminal. set up looked sick, cage looked sick, fighters not so sick. maybe it's cause we only stuck around for like 10 mins, but we only saw a bunch of nerdbombers pushing each other around in blindfolds. yaaaawwn.

stopped in at the first bar we saw on queen west for a brewskee and bumped into all these darlings

finally got to see Hannah's staples in her head before she went to the doc yesterday to have them removed. :( poor little peach. I hope it went smoothly and the pain wasn't that intense!

called it a night, ate an apple and passed out. and wait for it.... woke up with not even the tiniest hang over!

that candy necklace was pretty intact when i got home. drunk people love that thing though. everyone wanted a bite. i wonder how many viruses are on that elastic string. sickatating!


raymi lauren said...

staples what that cancelled out the baked thing i forgot i wanted to say. see you soon!?

beans said...

it was surprisingly easy to talk james out of wearing that shit out in public. besides the fact that it made him a total heat score, i basically just pulled it off of him and said 'NO'.

highwaisted said...