mythical creatures

for some reason that's what i think of when i think about this band:

liiiiive. tonight. stoked. i need to find a gothic inspired outfit i think.

i also think im gonna chop an inch off my locks today. shit's gettin all flat and boring.

oh yeah! so i went to book club last night. didn't finish the book. kept getting distracted when i should have been reading this week. all good though, the girls didn't give away too much so im gonna try and finish it this weekend.

you gotta read this one ladies, it's hella good. the characters are awesome and i found many similarities in myself with them and peeps in my circle.

found out one of the girls in book club is a HUGE basketball fan, so we got slightly caught up in talking about our favorite players and our thoughts on next years team. i love talking basketball with chicks.

oh and check out this family bbq we had on the weekend. my mom rocked the balloons like it was no body's business.

grey. it's a good shade.

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Kwil said...

i'm pretty sure your family rocks.