pass the courvoisier

last night we hit up the courvoisier tasting at the Park Hyatt. I was underwhelmed with the venue. I've never stayed at the Park Hyatt but i dated a guy once who's brother took photos of celebrities there and so i had this preconceived thought that it was going to be a little more ballin. anyways, we arrived a little late but perfectly on time for the little Napoleon show and the courvoisier tasting! even squeezed in a cocktail beforehand. I'm going to be 100 % honest here - the only reason i know what courvoisier is is because it's in a couple (just 1?) rap song(s).

but i know way more now. we tried exclusif and xo - 2 slightly different tastes. I preferred the xo. it was a little less intense. after the initial lesson on the history of courvoisier and the scent test we had the chance to brew our own mixes. Annalie and I mixed up a apple pie inspired drank with jam, cinnamon, oj, gingerale, chili flakes, grapefruit, and of course exclusif courvoisier. i thought it was going to taste like spew but it actually wasn't half bad. needed more ice, but other that pretty radical.

then we bumped into these fine gentlemen...

got into the vibe

met some new bloggy friends

chilled out on the rooftop

presented our drink 'the baker'

and then bounced with our gift bag to get some pizza.

solid event. it's nice to say what's up to your blog crew in the flesh.

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Raymi Lauren said...

your rasta bangle told me it wants to hang out on my wrist sometime.