mid July

and i'm already tired of summer. summer has never been a favorite time of mine. too hot, sleep deprived, bad humid hair days, sticky skin, HUGE air conditioning bills, bad tan lines, meh. i'll take fall or spring over summer any day.

I like that people come out of the wood work during the summer though. the ones that hide out in their homes all winter are finally the ones calling to see what you're up to.

busy week ahead of me. a booze tasting, the kittens go in for their pre check up before they're neutered, my 3rd book club meeting, the Black Mountain show, and dinner with our parents for the pre wedding chat session. eeeeek!

This month's book club book is The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

As usual I am way way way behind and still have 300 pages to read before Thursday (I bought it on Saturday, oh procrastination we are still great friends). But i am happy to report i LIKE this book. and so far it is an easy, interesting and entertaining read.

I haven't wrote about our food share yet have I? Here's a pic of what we got in week 3. snow peas, lettuce, carrots, beets, mixed greens, sage, another herb i can't remember the name of that both Hayley and I aren't fans of, garlic scapes, strawberries, and probably some eggs and bread.

so far so good. The lettuce we use almost immediately, the peas usually die a slow death, the beets sit around until someone can't take it anymore and then they get boiled and cut up for salads or smoothies. the garlic scapes are still a tricky one for me but Hayley tossed them in the frying pan a couple weeks ago with some coconut oil and garlic and said that they were great! The strawberries are an easy sell, and the herbs, hmmm i have no idea where those went.

I should also mention that this share has tons of amazing meat, eggs, bread and jarred goods like jams and relish, and pickles too! Joe and I made some steaks last week and they were DELICIOUS. Hayley - can you do me a solid and comment the link to the share for these peeps?

It's a nice feeling to know we're supporting local farmers and eating fresh, organic and pesticide free food, but I'm not gonna lie it requires a little bit of a lifestyle change to plan your meals in order to get the most out of what you get each week. we're also learning how to make use of the entire vegetable. for example, did you know you can eat beet leaves and stems and they actually taste pretty righteous?? just satay those suckers in a little bit of olive oil and garlic, add some sea salt and it's like eating spinach and rapini!

ok i gotta go Jogee wants me to watch the most epic part in star wars right now. byeeeeeeeee!


the lols said...


word up!

ps: cilantro - EW.

Raymi Lauren said...

starving out of my mind now this post is delicious