ring safety

The girls that i roll with in my work building plus this sweet ass chick took me for lunch on Monday to get the juicy details from *SATURDAY* and hooked a sister up with this adorable little thang.


so far it is doing an amazing job keeping my new bling safe and sound from any spaghetti and megatron paws. awwww remember i have cats! they're getting huge lately. spaghetti mastered jumping up on the kitchen counters recently. It came as a bit of a shock to the family because Spaghetti has always been the lazier more attractive one. see what i did there? anyways Megatron caught on a week or so later and now they are stealing sponges and j cloths like it aint no thang and spaghetti is really gettin down with playing under the tap water. VIDEO TO COME! He's also still struggling with pooing. he just keeps farting and having the runs. we've changed their food 3 times now. They are currently eating this

you could feed Megatron week old mayonnaise that's been sitting in the sun but man give spaghetti the fanciest most healthy food ever and he's still crapping his pants.


kay zee said...

Spaghetts wears Pantaloons?

Highwaisted said...

yes we had to get him some pants because he shits himself to much.


La Dick said...

maybe the food has too much protein for his lil insides. that's what happens to biggie. total shitshow.

Highwaisted said...

i think you're totally right ladick!

joe got yet another new food. we're gonna try it tonight.

cross your fingers for us.

and also lets schedule a gchat date. xo