tossin it up

so i've been rockin the same skin care regime for a good 10 years now and thought i should probably pump it up a notch. took a pit stop at erin's work, got the dish on the latest beauty products sweeping the nation and went from this:

neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser with make up remover & Clinique Moisture Surge Face cream

with these thrown in here and there:

some crap from shoppers drug mart. i thought the neutrogena stuff would be rad but it actually feels like im putting cancer on my face. ok thats a bit extreme, but it just didnt feel like i was doing it any favors.


to this!

i just used both of them. face wash was awesome, also removed my make up, and smelled amaze, and face lotion also awesome, also smelled amaze. not gonna lie, it broke the bank - both items for $75 or something. i'll keep you posted on the progress. or you might just see me start to look younger. (probably not)


annie said...


"i thought the neutrogena stuff would be rad but" .. is this referring to the first (fresh foaming) or second Neutrogena product (fresh moisture) pictured? And is this the one you used for 10 years? And if so, why did you use it for 10 years if it's garbagey??

I live for trustable product reviews, LARGE CLAP TO YOU FROM OVER HERE

Highwaisted said...


the neutrogena foaming wash is amazing. i love that stuff. it really makes your face feel incredibly clean. and gets rid of make up at the same time!

the face cream was brutes. i dont recommend it. it felt really abrasive. but that might just be my skin. everyone is different so you might just have to try it.

i've used the foaming face wash for 10 years. :)

Seven Dollar Pants said...

I am a Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer kinda girl. However, my secret sauce is Kiehl's over-night biological peel.