like MAGIC!

so my brother emailed me a couple weeks ago saying that he won this private boat cruise for 2 at a golf tournament and that he couldn't go cause he was going to the cottage that weekend and asked if me and jogee wanted it. obvi i was all over the idea and took him up on his offer. I called jogee and asked if he wanted to book a reservation at Illlll Fornello in the queen's quay building that night so we could have a ballin dinner by the water and then get down (ew not that kind of getting down) on the private cruise. amaze!

cut to July 3.

I wake up with a very very very intense hangover from the bachelorette the night before. maintain around the house all day, sleep as much as possible and then get my shit together (read put together a nautical outfit) for our little date.

jumped in a cab (it was balls hot out) and rolled up to illlll fornello. 30 minute wait, but they seated us in 10 minutes. SCORE! ordered the mussels, joe had a brew, got the sausage pizza and the beef tenderloin rigatoni in jus. mmmm so tasty!

then we tried to find a place to buy a bottle of wine but both were just a touch out of reach so we settled on 2 extra large peppermint teas and a couple oatmeal raisin cookies. hello adorable.

then we get to the boat rental thing and let the peeps know were there and then this young irish dude greets us and tells us he's gonna be our skipper for the night. he takes us over to the dock and says "we were gonna take this motor boat out but this 40 foot sailboat over here isn't being used so i thought if you guys are ok with it we'd take that instead" cue alicia losing it. didn't even need to see the boat, told him we were down and went aboard.

we were out on the water within 2 minutes, motoring around the lake, checking out the island and then slowly heading towards the amphitheatre to see if we could hear any of the IRON MAIDEN concert that was in full effect.

took turns taking the helm

and watched the sunset

watched the tall ships sail by...

then it started getting super dark and i was all "ah man we should probably head in soon, it's getting really dark!" but then the skipper said that you can totally be on the water at night. and i was like "ohhhh that's probably why there are so many boats out tonight cause the weather is so perfs." and then he was like "yeah and probably cause of the iron maiden show."

(oh yeah sexy times. LOL!)

but for some reason we weren't really going anywhere, and we kept staying near this ugly barge. i was saying to jogee, what is up with this dude, why do we keep sticking around this spot? and he was like i dont know i'll go ask him...

then he comes back a few seconds later and there are these 2 random fireworks that shoot up in the air from the barge! and then there's this voice on the speaker at ontario place that "TONIGHT IS THE FESTIVAL OF FIRE DONE TO MUSIC".

i friggin lost it. as if i didnt even know there were fireworks that night. so then im freaking out going wtf! there's fireworks tonight?! what??! what?!!!!

and jogee and the skipper are all "really? there are? crazy!"

so then the fireworks start and then jogee says "let's go sit at the front of the boat for a better view!"

and then we go to the front of the boat and he gets down on one knee and pulls the ring box out of his pocket and OMG I AM HAVING A HEART ATTACK TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY LOSING MY MIND SCREAMING AND CRYING and then he says the most adorable things i've ever heard (sorry keeping that goodness to myself) and slides the ring on my finger and BLAM we're engaged!



I picked out that ring on some random mall trip like 6 years ago, the store shut down almost 2 years ago, jogee bought the ring before it shut down. amaze.

and then he handed me his ipod on the cab ride home and told me to listen to this:

cried my face off.

so jogee planned the whole thing! there was never a golf tournament, he knew there were fireworks that night, and i fell for all of it seamlessly. :)

it's times like this where being a girl is damn good. so daaaaaaamn good.


little J said...


You once commented this on one of my posts

"play hard to get. it works every time. and if they aren't chasing you they aren't worth it.

the trick is learning when to stop playing hard to get and hand out your heart on a platter. the timing has to be so perfect it's ridiculous. therefore this is why so many girls are single."

I'm so happy that your timing was perfect. Congratulations, my online friend!
The blog brought me to tears.

Alyson said...

This post nearly brought me to tears, that is BEYOND sweet. Congrats!!

Harvest Kitchen Sisters said...

Best Post Ever.



fact said...

don't make me cry.

kay zee said...

Thanks Ali, for the shivers.
For reals.
I really needed them on a hawt day like today.

La Dick said...

omg i already knew what happened at the end and i almost cried anyway. i am so happy for you and absolutely amazed by the amount of planning that went into that! so wonderful! you deserve it darling! xoxoxo

Highwaisted said...

aw little J - did you just quote me?? aaaaaa!!!

online buddies are the best!

thanks for all the sweet messages buddies!

annie said...

outstanding! That's truly a fairytale proposing, all of it down to him buying it 2 years ago in time for the store's closing.

Wow :)

Kwil said...

you guys are the cutest EVER!
congrats!!! this is awesome news. i love how oblivious you were and just happy to be in that moment with your dude and then BLAMO, caught off guard in a spectacular way. I love engagement stories.
so much great news floating around lately.
Congrats again!!!!!

Raymi Lauren said...

smooth dudes. so awesome.

King said...

Excellent. Now THAT is the way to propose. Congratulations and best of luck.

alana da silva said...

totally beats my campus water sprinkler on the softball field joint proposal. okay... maybe its a tie. CONGRATS! tell Jogee hes a star. xo

Sophie said...

I am so excited!! I am so happy for you both!! PARTY!

Alison said...

I don't know you but for teh record I cried a little bit. Congrats!

Highwaisted said...

thanks alison! i love crying over blog posts! LOL

Seven Dollar Pants said...

So sweet. All the best!