mmmm erin

so after the courvoisier and the pizza last week i totes forgot we went to see erin's new band 'The Strangers' at 751 (woah big night for a weekday). a little too rockabilly country for me, but they sounded aight and of course the stage presence was on point. lookin good erin, lookin very very good. mm mmm mmmmmm yeah girl. you guys should get into this band.

and betty was there too! what a sweet thang she is.

erin - get your shit together and let's get silly next week!

say good bye to your balls spaghetti and megatron - tomorrow's the big day!

also did i show you the friggin corn rows cooney for hair put in my mop when i had that up do done for adam and clare's wedding? maaaaaan when i took the 800 bobby pins out of this mess i was like JOGEE JOGEE! look! corn rows! apparently it was a big enough deal to me that i demanded photos of this. it's for sure a short hair thing. i haven't seen a braid in my hair since grade 7.

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Kwil said...

oh man. ahahahaa i totally took photos of the braid i did in my hair in spring because i was so happy to have my hair long enough again.
also, good luck to the kitties tomorrow! speedy healing!