low down

been a heavy, busy, emotional, intense couple weeks round these parts. family stuff, wedding stuff, work stuff, people being crazy stuff, etc.

I'm ripping through this week like it ain't no thang. or at least trying to. 2 nights at the office till much later then usual hours, regular workload turning into major workload, and a warning that i should be concerned about how that workload is just going to get worse whilst planning a wedding and worrying about my best friend (love you ma). however, instead of losing my mind and appearing frantic, i am going to embrace this challenge and own it. i figure there's really no other way to do it in order to maintain my sanity, stay positive and make sure i actually enjoy these next few months of my life.

remember - beta dual lands. sorry, jogee just woke up from a half sleep and told me to remember that.

back to stressville. how do you guys deal with overwhelming times like these?

I'm an anxious panic driven (not ridden, im choosing driven) person most of the time so i feel like im really keeping it real right now. who knows though, i already had a morning of tears at work the other day and im pretty sure if jogee gives me the signal (ie. "lay it on me honey") i'll be in that state again at some point before i hightail for the weekend. another reason why boyfriends ahem fiance's are amazels. they may not tell you you look like a fox at the exact moment you're hoping for but they def know when you really really need a hug. or at least mine does.


there are 2 concerts coming up in the next 2 months that i am DIEING to go to. and if i forget one more day to get tickets and then find myself standing outside the venue begging someone to pay double for their ticket i'll be thoroughly bummed. so.. this is the second reminder. GET THOSE TICKETS. i'd throw the names out there but then that decreases my chances that much more of acquiring them.

ah and here are my top favorite 'compliments' i have gotten on my ring:

"oohhhh it's so......you" but say you like yuuuuUUUUOOO??
"look how CUTE it is!"
"is that like vintage?"
"where is your wedding band going to go?" "oh i don't want a wedding band, im just taking this one off and putting it back on again at the ceremony" "oh? that's weird."

LOL. engagement rings are a strange thing. a beautiful wonderful thing. but a strange thing.

also just for the record - bitches be crazy.

night friends!


kay zee said...

not for me.


Lauren C. said...

i get the same reaction when i tell people i won't be having a wedding band. like i am committing a horrible crime or something! nope, my ring is simply perfect the way it is. i'm with ya, sista.

steph said...

hahahaha the end cracked me up. since i live far away can you please email me a picture of your ring so i can say something gay about it?

Highwaisted said...

lauren. you are one solid fox. :) can't wait to see you in september!

Highwaisted said...

done and done steph. <3

Lauren C. said...

yeah...about that september wedding....i think it will be happening in toronto instead of detroit.oh! and i am moving back to toronto asap!!