what the hell did i do?

do you ever get to work on Monday and then a co worker says to you "How was your weekend? what did you do?" and then you pause and think and you can't remember one frigging thing that you did the entire weekend? This happens to me on the regular. Am i distracted by the fact that it's Monday and I have a week ahead of me of work, and there's a list in front of me of the things I have to do that day which most likely contain only 3 things i'm excited about and about 10 that im not? I'm gonna go with that theory. although, im sitting at home now, monday is over and I still can't remember what I did on Friday. is this what happens as you get older? actually, don't answer that i don't want to know.

so friday... hmmmm... I finished work at noon, thank you summer hours i love you, and then got my ring fitted AGAIN, because the first time i went i was coming back from the PRIDE parade and my fingers were ridiculously swollen like summer sausages. Then I headed over to AJ's to watch LIFE while jogee went out with Bryan and Jimmy to see Predator. Met up with them afterwards for a couple drinks on the Done Right patio with the most adorable couple on the planet (HI Leiko!) and then headed home.

oo so far so good, keep working memory!

Saturday woke up late, did some laundry, cleaned the house (im lieing jogee did all of that) and then went to beats, breaks and culture at the harbourfront with an old friend, ate a burrito and some perogies and watched some breakdancing. I wanted to check out that Wu Tang documentary but I couldn't find the venue it was in. Did anyone hear about it or see it? The trailer looked pretty low budget so I wasn't too bummed that I didn't catch it.

Then back home to prep for my night out with Hayley while Jogee hosted a bachelor party at our digs.

Nirvana for dinner

drinks at Communist's Daughter, a quick stop at the baitshop (a much better experience this time then the last)

more drinks at the Rhino, a bike light show,

more drinks at Ronnies

and then rolled up to our front door to watch half of the bachelor party tumble out of cab and into the streets. i think it's safe to say they had good night. as did we. ;)


steph said...

tell me gals- when you get one of those pretty rings you both have :)- do you have to always have a really nice manicure?

Highwaisted said...

hells no, but it does make your hands look fancier. :)

kay zee said...

my wish-

A weekend night out with you gals.

Kwil said...

i love it when you relive your weekends, goodtimes, and take us out with you. looks like a good time.

beans said...

ahhhhh those pics are SO BAD