another 2010 summer weekend down

friday: black mountain was amazels! loved it hard. good call jogee. very very good call. then again, pretty much anything jogee recommends is a good call. he also only recommends things about 2 or 3 times a year though, so the odds on it being amazing are pretty up there. stopped at matt's first for a brew and a delicious vodka cocktail. he showed me his true internet ninja skills and i was literally blown away. i think it may be time for a new computer up in here. or a new hard drive or SOMETHING. i felt like i was stuck in 1996 after i saw what matt had going on in his internet world. i was tres tres jeals.

then onto the horseshoe! black mountain made me miss classic rock. i went through a huge classic rock phase approximately 3 years ago. it was intense. classic rock can send you into a pretty heavy vibe if you really give yourself to it. ya know what i mean? i feel like steph and hayley know what im talking about here. and my old boss joel. he definitely had a time with classic rock. i think i might get back into it. put the hip hop on hold for a little while and drop some ELO, alan parsons project and zeppelin back into my life. ooo this is exciting!

oh shiiiiiiit is this back in style? i wouldn't be able to rock it regardless but damn the multi pony tail. that's somethin.

oh! also wanted to send a shout out to erica/erika (how do you spell your name?) for introducing herself at the shoe and saying a whole bunch of the sweetest things ever to jogee and I. e-mail me girl! i love meeting readers!

and Sarah! too! hi!

Saturday: missioned it out to the burbs to meet my ma and commence some serious bridal gown shopping. I found my dress not just once but twice yesterday. magical moments all around man. better then anything i imagined. i make a wedding dress look good. LOL! but seriously.

another heavy week at work comin up, my brother's big dirty thirty, and wait for it....

camping! like full on tent camping! siiiiiiiiiick!

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Alecia said...

oh my gosh. the multi pony tail! i just had a flashback to when i was about 8 & at jump rope camp (seriously) and one of "the cool girls" there rocked a 3 scrunchied one & i was so jealous i didn't think of it. i mean...THAT was cool...this one doesn't even have scrunchies! what gives?!