15 hours of fun!

Hayley told me i looked preppy today. I told her that's what i was going for. i love it when my outfit visions are affirmed. tonight i'm gonna try for preppy mature skater sexy chique/chic. it's a tough one.

Here's what today is going to consist of:

12:00 - closing up the office to go to a wrap up lunch party thing for a project we've been working on all summer. drinks. perfectly grilled shrimps. stoked!

3:00 - lunch complete, half cut. walk home with a swagger.

3:30 - drop by work on the way, make sure i don't have any pressing emails. nerd alert!

4:00 - arrive home, pack a bowl, watch mall cop

6:00 - nap, try on 27 outfits

7:30 - dinner date

9:30 - sneaky dee's for Make Your Exit's cd release. My brother printed their new album for them. He can probably print yours too. Or your posters or your envelopes or your wedding invites or you get the idea... visit him here . make sure you tell him i sent you.



beans said...

pretty preppy!

raymi lauren said...

"walk home with a swagger."

i love you