pool invites

im not a condo person or an apartment person. i hate the idea of having to get into an elevator to walk out your front door. however, i am a pool person and a hot tub person and a free gym person and a gorgeous patio with bbq's person. but lugging groceries in and having to unlock 7 doors before getting to your own is way friggin annoying. im obvi weighing the pros and cons here. I guess if you have a sick balcony it would make it extra awesome. but im kind of scared of heights beyond 5 floors so that would be a major downer. anyways. john had us over to his friends condo pool after the hockey game. it was gorge. temp of the hot tub was perfs!


caitlin roinson said...


Alecia said...

at my old condo i had to climb 2 flights of stairs to get to my kitchen and 3 to get to my bedroom. SUCKED BALLS.

at my new condo i rock the ground floor. problems solved!

that hot tub looks fun. i am jealous our hot tub definitely does not allow for bubble beards.

highwaisted said...

don't be jealous. after having a conversation with Caitlin offline, i realized i probably opened myself up to about 8 viruses by putting that shit all over my face.