sorry, that mcdonalds breakfast break was a lot longer then i intended.

We were way lucky we showed up at dee's so friggin early on friday and got our hands stamped stat cause there ended up being this ridiculous line up and a whole pile of peeps didn't get in.

I stood on a mailbox to take these pics and some totally obnoxious mental case was yelling "yeah take pictures, take pictures, of everything, take pictures!" I wanted to slap him. it's fine that you don't agree with capturing your life and the events that happen in it but you don't need to be a dick about it.

which takes me to another rant actually. i was at joe's magic tournament on saturday morning, naturally i wanted to capture how nerdy this moment was. and then the giant geekface that he was playing against was like "oh! that's gonna be on facebook later today!" maybe it won't be you dumbass, i don't post every friggin picture i ever take on fb. Have you ever thought maybe i'm taking these pictures for my blog. gawd!

anyways, so MYE . we decided to eat at Nirvana across the street prior to the show cause a) it's stupidly cheap b)the vibe is perfect and c) the vibe is perfect. oh they also have czechvar! bonus points.

kris and sarah came and so did Jimmy and Haylstorm . it was a regular ol primetime get together. i convinced everyone to order shots. and so we did. sarah opted out of the tequila party and went for the jager party instead. pretty sickatating. i cant even smell jager anymore. i think it has to do with one night i had at the bovine. but maybe not. i can't remember. but i always associate jager with the bovine.

then we headed back over to dee's to catch Corduroy . great band. good people. you should check them out. i don't know how or when i actually met Darren, but i feel like he pops up in my life a lot in very random ways. i think it might be because he has been in like 4 different bands and each of the bands are in sync with that time in my life. you could say i have been growing up with darren's bands. weird.

beers were cheap there.

i bought new shoes for the occasion. i have been eyeing these beautes for about a month now. finally smooth talked the guy into giving them to me for 30% off. it was a moment. if you ever want some really ghatto kicks call me, i have a guy now.

12:45 am. here are the main characters:

im missing the drummer. couldn't find him!

it was getting all pushy and hot up there at the front, so i had to take it to the back. so my actual playing pics are pretty brutes. you can probably see better ones by this guy .


oh and look there's those cd's i was talking about.

great night. got even better when we got home and jimmy and i wrote a song together. i think we still need to work on the actual music but the lyrics were genius:

we're makin nachos
were rolling a doobie
were drinking some wine!

hayley - do you remember the actual lyrics? im sure there was more then just this. i can't remember.

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beans said...

we're makin nachos!
we're smokin doobies!
we're drin-kin wine!