teen date

I got to babysit a 14 year old chick yesterday. and when i say i got to, i mean this in a totally positive way. She is way cool and supes adorable and i realized very similar to me when i was that age (way cool and supes adorable), except i think i was slightly more boy crazy and had less fear when it came to drinking my face off before dances.

these are the things i learned (with facebook picture back up ie. amazing.)

who the sluttiest girl in the school was
who the hottest boy was
who the hottest boy was before he shaved his head
who had to say a speech in front of the whole school about how bad drinking under age was when she got caught totes smammered at the last school dance
who sells weed
who sells e
who has the best house for parties
where the best ice cream shop is
and who has turned from a slutty to a druggie. (we were called the 90210's and the scrubs back then. can you guess which label i belonged to?)

even better, we got to have a swanky dinner in rosedale, eat cinnamon ice cream, and do a point shoe fitting at the national ballet school.

I also made her take me to the LCBO at summerhill station. I've only heard stories about this place and holy shit it was better then i ever imagined. it's worth a subway trip. bring a buggy.