heeeeeeelllooooo Manny Perez! bye tiff. :(

Concluded TIFF with La Soga.

stellar way to end the festival. loved it! the buzz was it was supposed to be like 'city of god'. totes had the same vibe. i whispered to jogee within the first 15 minutes of it that the main actor might have just made it into my top 5. mmm manny perez. google image that man. This was the first movie from the dominican to make it into the Toronto Film Fest. I hope it makes it to the big time. Jogee said some of the filming wasn't as 'professional' as he had hoped but that he liked it. i have no idea what he means by that, and i asked him that after he said that and i still have no idea what he means, so you'll have to ask him yourself. anyways i don't usually get my hopes up for a Q&A for these non gala viewings so when the movie's over it's an added bonus if it happens.

So the movie ends, clapping commences and then this totally familiar voice comes on the mic and says "apparently there is no Q&A scheduled for this movie, but I'll do it in the dark if i have to" and then wait for it.........

Manny Perez is there with half the cast and the directors and omg i kind of lost it. Hel-lo he just made it into my top 5! so obvi i bolted down to the front of the theatre and blam! this happens!

oh manny.. siigh...

awwww look at my paparazzi shots!

so if you get the opportunity to see that movie, you should see it.

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