vampire interceptor

Jogee is going to Philadelphia in a couple weekends to go to a Magic Card Tournament. He asked if i wanted to go but i told him I was just gonna stay home but thanks for the invite. There was a mini one in toronto on Saturday. He decided to get up at 7:30am and get some practice in before the big tourny in philly. I couldn't sleep, so i went to mcdonalds, picked us up a couple of #3's and went over to cheer him on.

the smell in that room was slightly unbearable. why do nerds feel that it's necessary not to shower? I wanted to give them all makeovers. mildly entertaining. interesting to know this world actually exists.

i want to come back to this lobby area and do a photo shoot, with a better camera.


beans said...

jogee looks SO cute sitting at that table.

raymi lauren said...

omg magic hahahahahaa

highwaisted said...

jogee is so cute. i love him.

raymi - i think you would of had fun listening in on the convos that went down in that room. I'll invite you to the next one!