pulled pork sandwiches!

we went to that queen west art crawl ting yesterday for a bit. I didn't really dig how it was laid out. all maze like. the laneways were too tight and people were all smooshed together. They did have some very tasty pulled pork sandwiches for sale though.

saucy! (who left those fake raybans at my house? i've been wearing them on and off all summer and one of the screws is all bent and messed up on them. they're gonna bite the biscuit soon)

adam and clare came with us. they were dogsitting this dude.

check out my camera arm in that shadow.

he was way into jogee. pretty much all animals dig jogee though. he must exude 'gentle'.

increased our want for a dog. i think it might happen come november. i need to find that blog post jogee did months back with the list of the ones he would get. we've managed to scale it down to: medium sized, doesn't shed but is supes furry/hairy, no whities, likes cats, mmm and i think that's it. we've obviously put tons of thought into this. suggestions? how much do we even pay for a dog?


mbroszkowski said...

Those are my fake raybans. I keep forgetting to ask about them. I've lost like 4 pairs of sunglasses since then too.

alana da silva said...

1. love pulled pork almost as much as you.
2. we are also on the dog hunt but never seem to be home long enough to consider it much deeper than that. i'm going yorkie, jenny is all about jack russell.

highwaisted said...

ah shit matt, i will have to give them back to you as a very late bday gift!