afternoon shifts, felicity, icq and winter vacays.

For those of you who have been following this for awhile you are hopefully aware of my love for Felicity. Because Jogee is working afternoons this week and last week I have had ample opportunities to get into the Felicity vibe. Last night I watched 5 episodes of season 1. I get why I was so into this show when it first came out cause I have had multiple ben/noal situations. The bad guy against the good guy (dylan and brendan what's up!). I can happily say I chose the good guy in the end. The bad guys aren't worth the drama and heartbreak.

sidenote: having a significant other who works shifts is the worst ever. Jogee does this 2 weeks days thing and then 2 weeks afternoons schedule. So basically the 2 weeks he's on afternoons we don't see each other. Granted it gives me time to hang with my bitches, go to the gym, do after work advertising drink things, shop, internet the shit out of any and all my available time and focus on my side projects/career dreams/continuing education/etc etc. but it still blows. Having dinner by yourself sucks. God I love the internet. I remember loving the internet ever since I discovered it in grade 7. I've been hooked ever since. I'll admit ICQ was a big part of my life for a solid 2 years and whenever I hear that uh oh! sound bite I get slightly melancholy. I should dedicate a post to 'internet in the 90's'.

We're going on vacay soon. We were going to blow some of our savings (haha savings, I don't even know what that means) and go to Jamaica but we've decided to be tres tres responsible and opted for a free week in a winter wonderland. Jogee's parentals have a chalet of sorts and they have offered it to us for our getaway. Should I take snowboarding lessons? I hate winter sports. I'd rather just drink hot chocolate and read magazines by a fire and watch people bail as they come down the hill. We're gonna be there for 8 days with no cable or internet so if you feel like spending the day with us or maybe coming for a sleepover email me! I will likely be completely stir crazy by day 2.


raymi lauren said...

is there a hot tub because that is what i will be doing in lieu of any sort of downhill activity unless it is tobogganing.

highwaisted said...

duh! we're totally taboozaning!

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