hit the jackpot!

clothing wise anyways. there are some people in this city that are just off the charts pure positive quality with an extra dose of generous. spending even 5 minutes with them can be maj vibe enhancing. I'm happy/lucky they work so closely to me. i may be looking a little more classy/cool then usual in the next month or so. haha a little more then usual. someone please deflate my head. but seriously, not only will I be looking sharp, jogee will also be looking sharp. very sharp actually. like i can't even believe how perfect things fit sharp.

did i mention it's my birthday in a very short time and that i will be celebrating at a place that is well, perfectly suited to my overall general aura? 28 already feels good. a dress will be necessary. im thinking futuristic. but i wont give you anymore hints. eeeeeeeeeeee!!! im excited!!!!


Kwil said...

Sounds pretty damn lavish and exciting!!

raymi lauren said...

28's lookin' great

beans said...

kwil come for a drink!