nude years 2010

if new years eve is reflective of the rest of 2010, I think I'm in for one of the greatest years of my life. new years eve parties can be so hit or miss. so unpredictable, so shitty, so amazing, so something, but this one was perfect. I was able to actually have a conversation with everyone that came, I was actually able to eat the food we prepared (hayley prepared, i just opened a chip bag), I kissed someone I love at midnight, nothing was broken, nobody spewed, there was a solid dance party thrown in the mix, i didn't drink myself to oblivion, i didn't do shots at 3am, and the next morning I was just tired not ridiculously hungover. perfect.

Pete and Len had their way with my stuffed animals/barbie. Every time I paused to run up to our room to take a squirt, new photos were found on my camera and new positions were on our bed. Pete and Len are beginning to leave lasting impressions each and every time they make it to Toronto. I wish they lived closer.

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