turkey chili!

missioned it to Mike and Caitlin's last night for a lovely home cooked meal of turkey chili. it was a solid 45 minute walk from our place. But surprisingly only felt like 20 minutes. We took a lot of short cuts through the financial district and man oh man there is a lot of wacky art hidden in there. I recommend on a not so cold night you take a walk through there and check out the scene. make sure you hit up cloud gardens. aside from all the tripe graffiti that place is pretty radical. If summer ever comes back to Toronto I'm going to make sure I eat lunch there at least once. Anyways, the turkey chili was pretty unbelievable. very tasty, complete with sour cream and shaved cheese. a great winter meal. Then jogee and i ate 3/4 of a strawberry shortcake cake. it was delicious. Caitlin was catching up on 'Lost' so we stayed for a couple episodes. I can't decide if I want to dig into this one. I think I'll watch weeds first. The writing was a bit meh, and i thought kinda shit compared to Dexter, but then again I've put some solid days into that show so i could be very biased. Has anyone watched weeds? is it awesome?

Despite my promise to myself that we would take a cab home, we decided to walk it again which proved to be way less fun then on the way there. We were so full we felt like barfing and it was way beyond cold at this point. glad we did it though. erased the shortcake completely.

I lost the cord to upload pics from my camera. so this blog is gonna blow chunks for a little while until i find it.

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY IN LESS THEN A WEEK! I hope i get that friggin burgertown sausage guy.

and I really really want a pair of grey roots sweatpants with elastic bottoms. have you ever tried those things on? they're like clouds on the lower half of your body and they make your butt look so tantalizing.

a raptors jersey would be the best ever too. Calderon. cause I'm sticking to my true love. actually if that was the case I would want a keon clark jersey circa 2001. bummer that guy got busted for weed, and coke and not paying child support and carrying a firearm and for driving on a suspended license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, and a DUI. that man has some serious bad karma. He was really nice in person though and always gave me a hug before the game when i was working. my head was at the same level as his junk. he has the skinniest calves i have ever seen. for a pro bball player anyways.

ok gotta fly, keep it real in your hood!


steph said...

turkey chili rules! i can make that!

Kwil said...

you've hyped dexter and now i'm going to have to watch it. this weekend. it's a done deal.

also, those roots sweatpants- YES, so comfy!

beans said...

dexter is infiltrating my dreams now!

ps: weeds is SICK

raymi lauren said...

bigups on the 'tripe' droppin' totally forgot about that word i used to say it as much as possible when i was a weasly teen hurtbag cos i thought it made me sound smart.

Donna Vitan said...

I love Calderon! Though he really needs to kick it up a notch this season. Going to see the Raptors soon and I don't know what put on my sign, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I've recently gotten into Dexter so that has been a blast so far!


highwaisted said...

nice steph! you should send hayley the recipe so she can make it for us. lol!

highwaisted said...

yes kwil get on the muh fuhkin dexter train. its totes rad guy!

highwaisted said...

raym's totally thought the same thing when i wrote it. like haha i remember when i used to use this word to impress. ohhhh la da mercy!

highwaisted said...

donna - you need to write on that sign DEROZAN IS THE FUTURE





beans said...

turkey chilli eh? i'll see what i can do.

sounds like it's time to end my life long dislike for kidney beans

Trista said...

weeds is AWESOME and kevin nealon is gold in it.