blow me

i bought a new hairdryer last night. i think it may have changed my hair's life. seriously. the bounce is back and it took me half the time to dry cause the power of the blow was so intense.

went for lunch at nirvana today. it was my turn to pay. cost 22 bucks for 3 people. that is ridiculous. ridiculously awesome. our waitress was a major babe and had a killer aussie accent. normally accents don't give me a bone whatsoever but for some reason this chicks voice was just. beautiful. i told her. and then she started up a full blown convo with us. i don't remember any of it cause she was so beautiful. although i did catch that she got a job and place to live in the 10 days she's been living here so far. good looks DO work.

then i went back to the office to put out a few fires, have a hot chocolate and dream about some pants that i've been yearning over for the last couple weeks.

I picked up the pants on the way home (someone screwed me on the discount, but i couldnt resist, so i just paid full throttle), along with some insanely high shoes that i will likely only last in for an hour, and a surprise dress that had to be purchased but is now rivaling the outfit i initially planned for on friday. DILEMMA. major one. I think i might need to stick to the OG outfit. I've been thinking about it for far too long to just pass it up to the dress. but the dress!!! THE DRESS!!

then hayley trumped me on my shoes and bought way hotter ones. and now im jealous.

I think the best part about today was the fact that i had a bestie at home who i knew understood how stoked i was on my purchases and would watch me model everything immediately and discuss what accessories would look the best with it and which outfit was better and OMG IT WAS LIKE HAVING THE SISTER I NEVER HAD. ok i am going to barf from all this lovefestcheese. OMG JAMES COME HOME I AM GETTING SO SOFT.

cupcake photos courtesy of Jogee, cupcakes courtesy of NINA!!!


Duke of Spook said...

Liv just bought a Conair Tesstarosa hairdryer and it has similarly changed her life for the better

steph said...

ahhhhh i miss shopping.

that hairdryer sounds awesome, you look awesome!!

Kwil said...

hahaha. i love that you sat around and dreamt about pants and then just went and got them.

what kind of hair dryer is this???!

highwaisted said...

woah i didnt think people would have even cared about my new hairdryer. exciting!

it's just some $25 conair thing i think 1875 volts or something? does the job that's all i care about.

thanks steph you look more awesome!

beans said...

i am killing you slowly... WITH LOVE!!! hahahaha that's totally my m.o.

you looked hot in both and i'm gonna just put this out there....
wardrobe change half way through????

think about it

(how did we not think of this already!?!?)

ps: i love you