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i didn't drink enough water today. i feel dehydrated. i wonder why my mind thought eating miss vickies salt and vinegars was a good idea 5 minutes ago.

Today I tried to make myself think packing and the actual day of moving are an enjoyable experience. Phil did not help the situation by laughing at me via gchat loudly and offensively when i asked him if he liked packing.

The raps are playing the cavs tonight and i forgot to bring my jersey to work with me in the event that i am invited somewhere to watch the game. I was just invited somewhere to watch the game. should i go home and get my jersey first?

I never got the burgertown sausage guy for my birthday. YOU ALL FAIL. kidding! i loved my pressies. Here is the list so you can also be excited about them with me:
Calderon Jersey
Felicity Season 1 on DVD
magnetic crazy chain cool necklace
fancy soaps and an incredibly sexy smelling candle
sequin zip up cropped adorable jacket and necklace
neato shoe enhancement things - Hannah, you will have to come over when i figure out what shoes to wear these on and tell me if i did it right.
miniature playing cards! thanks Raymi !
THE BAY GIFT CARD - Krista , you always go way overboard. ie. you spend way too much money.
moola moola
scratchy cards!
dranks. which i consumed on friday. thanks buddies!

Did I forget what you got me? prove it. and I'll buy you a beer next time we hang. (also sorry, my memory is balls)

pictures would have been good with this post huh. i'll take em when i get home.

Did you hear about Hayley breaking the blender so we can no longer have smoothies anymore (kidding buddy i love you i know we have another one) and then gashing her wrist open?

I miss James . I miss him a lot.

oh did you know i'm whoring myself around on the internet over here too?


raymi lauren said...

you forgot the bud but that's expected cos it erases memories.

highwaisted said...

ohhh yeeeeaaaahhh that bud also made something magical happen which i cannot discuss here. i will text you.

beans said...

that gash was the coolest. calling 911 is so bad ass.

kay zee said...

Hannah's shoes things- were they featured on the Dragon's Den????

kay zee said...

PS the card was from me AND Fiona AND Corey AND Jackson- so I did NOT go overboard...

although Jackson still hasn't paid me for his part.....

highwaisted said...

ohhhhh well thank them all for me ok buddy!

and YES! those are the shoe things that hannah gave me!

Px said...



steph said...

fuck i love that show. and keri russell. and scott speedman. i pretend they are still dating in real life and that she's not married to another total babe with a totally adorable baby.