bettys meets aspetta

I didn't realize how many friends of ours were born in January. so many soiree's to attend. last night we had a little surprise for Drew at bettys on king and then i had to hightail it over to Kensington to get down with Nina. felt weird cause hayley wasn't with me, but her group of friends are so damn easygoingawesome that i knew I would feel right at home. Made a pit stop to roll a j, then smoked it on my walk to find Aspetta. Why is Kensington so fucking awesome? the minute you walk into that little arear you are bum rushed with such a swell vibe. I will make note going forward that if someone says there is going to be reggae and it is in kensington that i am 100% in.

this vid is a bit shaky and i was being pretty shy (gasp!) but i hope it translates how amazing the vibe was. I love this weekend.

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raymi lauren said...

you and your one love, so cute.