Dexter and Donuts

after 2 full 10 hour days and 3 2 hour nights we are now about 2 episodes away from the end of season 3. Season one blew my mind, i was thoroughly addicted. season 2 was meh and season 3 is half meh half awes. I hear season 4 is ridiculous. I'm proud of myself. I managed to relax enough to actually watch this many episodes of tv drama despite the fact that i just realized in the past 6 or so months that i don't actually enjoy relaxing. seems like such a waste of time to me. not to say that im doing anything revolutionary while all of you are relaxing, so don't be offended or bummed that i basically just called you lazy but im just not feeling that vibe. fabulous grammatically correct sentence. have you noticed how many fucking donuts are featured in Dexter. You could play a drinking game while watching that show. everytime you see donuts you drink. you would be waaaaaasted. I finally cracked last night and begged/bribed jogee to go to tim hortons and get me a donut. for some reason he went. hayley claims it's because he is the greatest boyfriend on the planet. I will agree with this statement.

I found my old diaries last night. not really found, more like retrieved. I gave the first one to Hayley for some quality reading. it was written in 1996. I was in grade 7. There is a recurring theme throughout all diaries (1996 - 2007) which entails being 'boy crazy' . Perhaps i will ignore the giant feeling of embarrassment from what was actually written in these things and share them with you. They are complete with my first kiss, my first joint, the first time i was drunk, the first time i was felt up (haha felt up), the popular years, the unpopular years, trying out for co ed cheerleading, being on the student council, getting my period, 4 years of highschool gossip and drama, meeting jogee the 1st and 2nd time, meeting james, travelling europe, moving to BC, working at IDA, etc. etc. etc. the history of highwaisted. I quit writing in 2007, the same year i started this blog. It's slightly magical to read about how you felt about some random boy 10 years ago that you are now living with.

work was balls today. i did however get some snake skin loafers that i have been eyeing for 4 months that were finally marked down to $35 down from $180. that my friends is a boxing week deal.

awwww look at that teeny tiny picture of my new shoe!


Kwil said...

I have never seen Dexter, but I keep hearing good things about it.

I also kept a billion diaries when I was a teen, but I think in a heated panic attack/breakdown I may have actually tossed them. Years of memories thrown away. Almost makes me sad.

Your new shoes rock my world.

highwaisted said...

kwil! i forgot to tell you i totally saw you and your bf in the atrium mall thing at yonge and dundas. by the time i realized it was you guys you had already passed me so i missed my 'hi!' opportunity.

Kwil said...

would have loved to say hi! next time!

Duke of Spook said...

I feel you big time on your thoughts on relaxing. I got ants in my pants all the time and I can't sit still. Sick loafers.

steph said...

you just gave me a great idea