woah i've really been slacking here lately. nothing since wednesday? wtf. it was a mental week. ended up doing something EVERY NIGHT. hung out with my little niece G Unit, watched bball all over the citay, smoked some herb, went for afterwork after work drinks, etc etc. off. the. hook. busy. I attempted to meet Chris Bosh and Jarrett Jack today but I was too lazy/late and didnt get a wristband which got you in the line for autographs and pics, so we just swung by and listened to them on a giant speaker while this giant nerd talked to us about how me met Trish Stratus. weeeird.

my ma and step pa came down today and took me for a lovely birthday lunch at the marche/richtree/movenpicks on front street. It's up there with my all time fave resto's in the T dot. Then I took them to Cabbagetown to try and convince them to move to toronto and then we touched a bunch of farm animals in riverdale park. I love that park. i also love touching farm animals. win win kinda afternoon ya know.

look at these desserts we consumed

I'm starting to feel the effects of last night's afterwork after work drinks though. neeeeeeeeed a nap like woah. $3 drinks from 5-10 at the branthouse = one messy girls night. we look completely composed in these photos. do not let them fool you.

I also lost my shit in the bar when the raps killed the 4th quarter last night. ie. was 'hooting and hollering', jumping up and down and high fiving jersey shore ginos. it was a classic moment.


Donna Vitan said...

Love the Calderon hug photo! He he he. I'm beyond amazed that they beat the Lakers tonight! It was mad crazy close and finally Hedo making it count! Woot woot!

highwaisted said...

thanks donna!

i know! totally an amazing game!

beans said...

that pic of you huggling calderone is the cutest ever. i love you.