I've never been a picky eater. At least as long as I can remember. MOM - was i a picky eater growing up?

I'm pretty annoyed by picky eaters. I can never understand why people just don't love all food all the time. Until now. I'm starting not to like certain foods. It's weird!

foods I'm starting to dislike:

sun dried tomatoes
red onions (I've never really liked these)
omelets (i like eggs, i just can't deal with the consistency of an omelet)
really old cheeses
mustard (this is a funny one. most of the time i don't like it but every once and awhile im fully down with slathering a dog with mustard)
caraway anything
pineapple (i know! how do i not like this delicious fruit!)
liver (duh)

and that's all i can think of right now. jogee! can you think of any others?

i'm always stoked when i ask new friends out for lunch and i say "where do you want to go" and they say "anywhere, im not picky". rad!

however, i have serious cravings constantly and need to eat whatever i'm thinking of that day or my whole day is ruined. no joke. this is also why jogee never really makes me dinner cause i never really want what he wants to make.

please rate this post on a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being 'omg why did you waste my time that shit' and 10 being 'holy shit good post! i'm gonna copy you and post foods i dislike too!'

FRIDAY! YES! we're having drinks in parkdale tonight. ooooo parkdale.


meredith r. mistletoe said...

haha I love that our mums all read our blogs

steph said...

cept my mum

i seriously do not like cabbage rolls and EVERYONE loves them up here, they get served at like every family function and i have to force them down. then i get horrible gas.

just thought i'd share

Duke of Spook said...

I keep trying to like omlettes, but it just isn't working

misunderstood genius said...

I hate pineapple too! useless fruit.

Bodie said...

A fair list. Sun dried tomatoes are salty and shrivelly. Omelets do have a weird consistency, like when they fuck up scrambled eggs. Really old cheeses freak you out when you realize you are actually just eating mould. Mustard is fucking gross, except when used in dressing or slathered on meat and then cooked. Caraway tastes like a German dessert. Liver is a fucking organ.

However, pineapple is like eating the sweet head of God. I will hear nothing bad about it.

Also, red onion? Does that mean all onions are fine except for red onions? That makes no sense. Sounds racist. Just saying.

Highwaisted said...

hi bodie! welcome to commenting!

Highwaisted said...

meredith - totes! i love moms!

Highwaisted said...

steph, i love hearing about your gas stories. tell more of them! seriously.

Highwaisted said...

duke and misunderstood - word. power to the people

alana da silva said...

i LOVE bodie's comment, just sayin'.

my list of dislikes:
- liver (loud and clear)
- super stinky cheese
- gristle
- that meat pate thats part jello

aside from that, i'm good to go.
jenny's on a kick of blending everything in sight (greens, fruit, nutts... you name it) so i can't be too selective these days.

Alecia said...

caraway seeds are DISGUSTING.