sale clearance sale clearance sale clearance

aldo is having some insane online sale right now. I just got these beautes in the mail! free shipping!

versatile like wooooaaaaah. wear them to work? check. wear them out on the town? check. wear them on a day trip? check. wear them on the beach? probably not. but with skinnys or shorts or skirts or jumpers totes!

normally i steer away from aldo. their shoes are usually pretty shite and incredibly uncomfortable. but the price was right so i diiiiiid it. im the best mang.


little J said...

I bought these a week ago. They are SUPER comfortable!

Love your blog. Enjoy the shoes!

Highwaisted said...

siiiiick. i can't wait to be obsessive about how clean they are!

Kwil said...

those are super cute!! i just got my first pair of all whites a couple of months ago and i have yet to wear them outside. apparently pretty anal about dirt. haha

Anonymous said...

(jogee) I wonder if anyone will get the Eli Porter ref.??

Raymi Lauren said...

those are the same as my fred astaire shoues 'cept all white. love love them. i love white, it's so right. so light. summmmmmmmer.