I wore my hair curly today. aka au naturel.


straight vs curls

weird! it's like a picture of twins!


Raymi Lauren said...

both look great

Kwil said...

it looks great! i had no idea you even had curls!
i switch it up from wearing my natural fro to straightening everything out. i'm getting much too lazy though and have been wearing it up everyday.

annie said...

aaagghh luckyy! Your curls are awesome

Alyson said...

Gorgeous on both accounts, I wish my hair were naturally that curly!

Highwaisted said...

oh thank you ladies! I should really embrace them more often. im blaming it on my hair not being this long for probably 10 years.

i bet my mom is stoked im growing it out again.

xo ma!

alana da silva said...

oh my god! do this more often! sweet!