the day after

it was nice to read this chicks post to realize there are other completely restless people out there that feel the need to constantly accomplish something in any given day. I've said this before and now i will say it again - i am not good at 'relaxing' I feel like it's a pile of wasted time. buuuuut after reading a little book called 'how to be idle' that was recommended by my friend craig a while ago, i've learned to embrace days of nothing. pick that book up. it's an easy read. ANYWAYSS hayley and i did just that on saturday. a day of nothing. literally absolutely nothing. there were movies and popsicles and perogies and kitten love, but no showering, cleaning, shopping, laundry, exercising, etc etc.

proof above. i'm still wearing what i wore the night before.

role models right here. they REALLY did NOTHING all day.

sunday was a different story. kensington meets village idiot meets canadian tire (new blender YEAH!) meets no frills. productivity at its finest.

we had a spinagle, but then hayley said fries and before i made her go to mcdonalds she had the genius idea of stopping for a pint and poutine. heaven on a sunny day.

my hand isn't that big in real life i SWEAR.

and if anyone knows us well enough they know that we lost our minds when we saw this BUD-DY calendar!

we didn't buy it. good for us. but it was tempting. very very tempting.


Alyson said...

That Buddies calendar makes me way too giddy for my own good.

beans said...

OMG the babies look SO BIG!!

Highwaisted said...

they're huge. wait till they are full grown. it'll be like having actual lions in the house.

Raymi Lauren said...

this is why some people cant cottage, cos they cant relax.