the comic search stops here

i've been on a pretty steady search for a comic that I can actually get into for the past couple years and a couple weeks ago it happened. I was in silver snail picking up Vampirella - jogee pointed this one out to me and the cover art was so ridic i had to own it. I usually kinda eye the shelves to see if there's any comics that send out the vibe and i until this day - i leave empty handed (lie. i usually always leave with a kidrobot something). Babes and Dudes I introduce you to 'Forgetless'.

so far, SO GOOD. the chicks are hot, the dialogue is hilarious, it's relevant and edgy and cool and daaaaaaamn girl you need to pick it up. hurry, cause it's only on issue 4 so you can jump right into the action and not have 500 back issues to read.



Amy said...

Oh man I too was just bemoaning the absence, in my life, of comics I'm REALLY into. This looks sweet. More suggestions, moooore!

Highwaisted said...

LOL Amy! awesome! glad you're down with the comic reco. Honestly that's all i've got so far. I'll update on here again when i find something worth spreading. :)