groooooowing girls night

Our girls night of the OG 3 (me, hayley and kz) has now blossomed into much much more then that. Wednesday night Chloe touched down in Toronto. YAY! and then we headed over to Fiona's for some solid all girls debauchery. Fiona's place was off the charts so gorg! a toronto dream home. and the backyard sun was purrrrrrfect.

and as always the food was delish! this plate shot looks pretty disgusting but i assure you everything on it was tantalizing. especially the cheese infused sausage.

hayley and i brought a caprese salad. how can you ever go wrong with that? who doesnt like caprese salad??

nina was on fire and managed to have everyone on the floor laughing our guts out all night. when we were telling phil about it at ronnie's on thursday afternoon he asked if our abs hurt the next morning cause that's a true sign of some good laughing. our abs definitely hurt. WIN!

we rolled into that patio around 4 and had an entire table to ourselves. met a new friend who we roped into staying with us for a good 3 hours. designer. hire him.

then markus came with his bag of honey combs

and dream girl mischa

and then of course we did this

and then i carved this into the table

while sandwiched in between these babes

and by that time it was only 7! so we headed to dee's for some nachos. woo!

ok time to pack - its the freakin weekend baby im about to have me some fun!

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Raymi Lauren said...

i like that markus always has a bag of cereal or chips or some odd random bullshit with him. i've seen pringles in a loaf of bread bag.