new book club book!

picked it up today. gives me 4 weeks to read it. This one only has 300 pages though, so i should be through it in a snap! Have you guys read this yet? All i've heard are very very good things. heavy subject material. there might be crying. intense!

in other news, i broke the not going to the gym record on saturday and hit up the park rd goodlife, and although the reviews said this location has been rumoured to have multiple sex in the change room shower incidents (i know! wtf!) I thoroughly enjoyed my work out. knocked off a good 800 calories on the elliptical and warmed up my muscles to some 10 lb weights. mix that with riding my bike to and from work all week and there you have a swimsuit ready physique in 4 weeks. HA! maybe if i was 21 again. but siiigh these days that's only enough to maintain the beer paunch and badonkadonk that i started working on in 2001.

jogee's back on afternoons again, ugh the romantic life of shift work. someone take me to the movies!

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